The team behind Chefs Feed.

  • Rich Maggiotto


    Favorite dish:

    Umeboshi SomenMore about Rich

    Rich Maggiotto is a Board Member and CEO at Chefs Feed (Credible Inc). Previously, Rich co-founded and served as President & CEO of Zinio, whose top-grossing mobile applications introduced the first digital magazines to tablets, like the iPad. Rich also worked at NetOyster, an internet incubator, and with the Office of the Vice Chairman at AOL as part of high-level strategy initiatives, transactional assignments, and investments. Rich graduated Summa Cum Laude from Bowdoin College. As the self-taught chef of a family that includes two small boys with discerning palates, Rich enjoys the heat of the kitchen. He balances that out with the frigid temperatures of the ice hockey rink where he believes revenge is a dish best served cold.

  • Jared Rivera

    Founder, CRO

    Favorite dish:

    Chicken TamalesMore about Jared

    Prior to launching Chefs Feed, Jared co-founded Rivera Public Relations, which grew to include 250 top restaurant and beverage clients at the time the company was acquired. Jared is a partner in several three-star restaurants, giving him an opportunity to get in the trenches and keep his finger on the pulse of the dining community. He writes about his experiences in columns he contributes to in The Huffington Post and San Francisco Chronicle (you can even read his “Top 100 Pet Peeves of Servers”). You can also see his work on camera as he co-hosted the Virgin America + Chefs Feed Documentary. When not working on Chefs Feed, Jared is making wine with his father and brother at their family vineyard in Napa Valley or eating pasta with his fiancée Jenn at his mother’s house like a good Italian-American son.

  • Steve Rivera

    Founder, President & COO

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    CasoncelliMore about Steve

    Prior to launching Chefs Feed, Steve co-founded Rivera Public Relations with his brother Jared, where they launched campaigns for hundreds of restaurants, wineries, spirits, and other lifestyle brands. The brothers sold their firm to Wagstaff Worldwide in 2012. Before Rivera PR, Steve was the Director of Operations for Sugar Ray Leonard’s boxing promotional company SRL Boxing, and then later for Mark Burnett Productions (Survivor, Apprentice) as the Director of Boxing Operations for NBC’s “The Contender." Steve enjoys spending time in the Napa Valley with his wife Ali (and their twin toddlers Siena and Luca) where he's learning the art of winemaking with grapes from family-owned Rivera Vineyards.

  • Roxanne Webber

    VP, Media

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    Beef Tartare on Koji ToastMore about Roxanne

    Before joining Chefs Feed, Roxanne headed up the test kitchen and was an award-winning journalist and video producer at CBS Interactive's Prior to her career in online media, she earned a BA in journalism while splitting her time between working as a sous chef and working on motorcycles. When she's not geeking out on content strategy, you'll find her tending her vegetable garden while listening to metal.

  • Matthew Davis

    VP, Product

    Favorite dish:

    Oysters on the Half ShellMore about Matthew

    Matthew uses his multidisciplinary background in writing, product design, and new media to bring a user focus to Chefs Feed's digital strategy. As an authority in mobile products and digital media, Matthew led the creation of the first-ever magazine-reading app for the iPad at Zinio. Matthew has a love for the written word and eating homestyle Korean food with his wife Reeah and their two daughters.

  • Kellie Menéndez

    VP, Growth

    Favorite dish:

    Balsamic Fried EggsMore about Kellie

    Kellie is a marketer, designer, and creative thinker that uses her passions for appealing visual design, data analysis, and simple product solutions to bring a holistic marketing strategy to Chefs Feed. As a very early stage hire at Practice Fusion, Kellie helped build the company from the ground up through her balanced approach to marketing. Kellie keeps herself balanced through painting, spending time with her son, and rallying the Chefs Feed office to go on team runs.

  • Lucas Florio

    Software Architect

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    Blue Cheese CroquetasMore about Lucas

    When Lucas is not rocking his bass guitar at a local club or spending magic moments with his wife Tamara, he's devoting his time to building the greatest food guide ever. He's a detail-oriented guy who enjoys making the web a little better, one byte at a time.

  • Jennifer Olsen

    Director, Content and Community

    Favorite dish:

    Smoked Deviled EggsMore about Jennifer

    As co-host for Virgin America's Chefs Feed documentary, Jennifer has personally interviewed over 150 chefs across the country and eaten at nearly 300 restaurants... in just four months (this is her before picture). When not on the road eating at the country’s best restaurants, Jennifer—also a talented graphic artist—is designing logos for them.

  • Leonardo Mosquera

    Senior Engineer

    Favorite dish:

    Tonkotsu RamenMore about Leonardo

    Leonardo is passionate about all things computing, music, and martial arts. He grew up tinkering with computers and feels lucky that he gets to pour his utmost passion into his job. He would describe himself as an all-terrain, UNIX-mongering, shell-dwelling, caffeine-fueled developer and sysadmin.

  • Danila Possokhov

    Manager, Acquisition

    Favorite dish:

    Xiao Long BaoMore about Danila

    As a licensed pilot, Danila spends most of his time nurturing his passions for travel and commercial aviation. When not at work, he’s brainstorming plans for his next trip, globetrotting towards his goal of visiting every country in the world. Prior to joining Chefs Feed, Danila was part of the online marketing team at Practice Fusion.

  • Gene Bang

    Software Engineer

    Favorite dish:

    Banh Mi GaMore about Gene

    Gene worked in the video game industry for 10 years as a tester and game designer before turning to Dev Bootcamp to become a software engineer. As a fan of food and sports, the perfect place for Gene to be is at a San Francisco Giants game enjoying a grilled bratwurst and garlic fries with a beer.

  • Blake Smith

    Producer-Creative, Media

    Favorite dish:

    Kimchee Fried RiceMore about Blake

    Blake has a passion for creating compelling and innovative visuals. Prior to joining Chefs Feed, he was an award-winning web video producer for CBS Interactive's Outside of work, he directs music videos, watches YouTube, Vimeo, and Netflix like it's his job (because it kind of is), and trains for—while sometimes running—marathons.runs marathons.